Standing Stone Farms Custom Blended Herbs & Spices

  • Specifically Blended Herbs & Spices for your homemade cheeses
  • In addition to cheese, our Spices are the Perfect compliment to Soups, Stew, Meat, Fish & Vegetables!
  • Note that in a few of our seasonings we have chosen to add sea salt so please add your seasoning before your salt when using.
  • Preservative Free, Non-GMO and Organic

Beautiful Spice addition anytime of year and always perfect for Holiday entertaining!

SPICY ITALIAN SUN-DRIED TOMATO HERBS & SPICES: Zesty Italian spices; sweet sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, red & green peppers, green onion, sesame seeds and lemon peel. Paula's Personal Favorite! APPROXIMATELY 1.25 ounces

SPICY ITALIAN ROASTED GARLIC: Smoky, roasted garlic and classic Italian spices, spiked with crushed red pepper create this spicy puttanesca-style blend.  APPROXIMATELY 1 ounce

FRENCH ONION GARLIC: Classic combo of pungent onion and garlic with colorful green flakes of chives and sea salt.  NOTE: Salt has been added so please account for this when using. APPROXIMATELY .75 ounce.

HERBS DE PROVENCE: Herbes de Provence Blend is a mixture of summer herbs that are common to southern France. We have decided to add  Guatemalan Fleur de Sel Salt to this and absolutely love it! The hot temperature of southern France in late summer is ideal for growing these herbs, that include Thyme, Blue Lavender Flowers, Rosemary, Majoram, Fennel Seed, Savory, & Basil.  NOTE: Salt has been added so please account for this when using. APPROXIMATELY 1 ounce.

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