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Kids' Kit - Kid Friendly, Kid Tested Cheese Making Kit

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This kit contains all the ingredients you need to make the following Cheeses as well as wonderful homemade american & European butter:

Mozzarella, Chevre (goat Cheese), Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Squeaky Cheese Curds and Ricotta...using farm fresh raw or store bought pasteurized milk and/or heavy whipping cream. Includes detailed kid friendly & Kid tested recipes & COLOR CODED INGREDIENTS!

Kit contains:

  • Liquid Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian) - Not a tablet you must dissolve and divide that leads to inconsistent cheese making!!
  • Calcium Chloride - a must when store-bought milk is being used.
  • Cheese Salt
  • Citric Acid
  • Disposable gloves for handling cheese *
  • and our DVD, A JOURNEY THROUGH HOME CHEESE MAKING . A step-by-step, fully instructional Video with PDF recipe files.
  • Our SHAMROCK Cheese Word Find Game AND,

Once you and/or you and your child make cheese, send a picture to us via Email or post on our FB or Twitter page and your child will receive our personalized,


Enough ingredients to turn 20 - 25 gallons of milk into wonderful cheese (most recipes call for 1 - 3 gallons at a time)!! As with all my recipe booklets, this booklet includes Paula Butler’s famous no fail step by step Mozzarella recipe.

All Ingredients are color coded to go along with each recipe to make for an easy, fun project for kids and adults of all ages!!

In addition to this kit, you will need real milk (not ultra-pasteurized, soy or almond), a cooking thermometer, a stainless steel or enamel pot and a slotted spoon.

* Products other than ingredients may vary based on availability.

~Adult supervision is REQUIRED as MOST cheeses require HEAT!~