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Our Butter Making Kit

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OUR BUTTER MAKING KIT is the perfect beginning to
wonderful homemade butter, compound butter and Ghee.

This kit contains all the ingredients (except the heavy cream), a couple of our favorite additives for compounding that will have you making the most amazing butter or Ghee you have ever tasted. Use farm fresh raw or store bought pasteurized heavy cream. Included recipe booklet has easy to follow instructions for American butter as
well as scrumptious European (cultured) butter and Ghee.
In addition, this kit includes LOTS of additional recipes for gifting and packaging ideas.

Our kit will allow you to make wonderful homemade butter treat's such as:

Sriracha butter, herb butter, Maple-pecan butter, Cranberry butter, Citrus-Tarragon butter, brown sugar, raisins and walnut butter and many more...
Plain butter cake, Toffee butter cake and butter cookies
Kit contains:
  • Recipe book for making butter in small and large quantities using the simple shake method, blender or mixer.
  • Mesophilic Culture, for European Butter, like Irish or French butter.
  • Parchment paper for butter log storage.
  • Butter Draining Cloth, for ease of removing buttermilk.
  • Our few of our favorite spices to help you finish off that butter recipe!
  • Disposable gloves for handling butter while compounding *

Please note: In addition to this kit, you will need heavy cream, additional your flavoring ingredients, salt and one of the following; Mixer, blender, water bottle or any 12 + ounce bottle or jar.

* Products other than ingredients may vary based on availability.

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