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Kombucha Tea Magnetic PH Chart and PH Sticks

PH plays an important role in protecting the SCOBY from unwanted bacteria. Much like a protective barrier,  low pH creates a highly acidic environment in which our native bacteria and yeast thrive but simultaneously inhibits the growth of disruptive foreign & potentially harmful microorganisms.

Ideal Ph Level for Finished Kombucha

The optimum PH level of finished kombucha is up to you however most drinkers prefer a PH of 3. A PH much lower than 3, tends to leave your tea tasting very tart. Please make sure your Kombucha is under 4.6 and above 2.0 before consumption.  Above 4.6 and unwanted bacteria is able to survive and below 2.0 is much too acidic for our bodies to properly digest. White vinegar is around 2.4.

How To Test your Booch:

  • Dip the PH strip in the Kombucha tea.
  • Immediately compare with the color coded chart.
  • The closest color match indicates the pH level.

What's included:

  • Magnetic PH Chart, perfect to stick to your fridge, coffee maker or other appliance in your kitchen!
  • 6 PH strips to get you started.  Replacement stops sold at most grocery stores, drug stores and Amazon. Make sure they test from 0-6.