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Supply List for Beginners

(This is an optimal list.  Absolute necessities are underlined.)

Keep in mind that our ancestors have been making wonderful cheeses for thousands of years with just an open wood fire, a pot, and a slotted spoon. As we have developed the process and incorporated bacterial culture for ease and speed, a good cooking thermometer has also become a necessity.

Stainless Steel, Glass or Enamel Pots with Lids (Stainless Steel 8Qt. included in our Complete Kit)

  • 8, 12 and 16 Quart sizes work well
  • Note: I prefer stainless steel & enamel, as glass can be very heavy

Thermometer (0°– 220° F) – (included in our Ultimate, Supreme, and Complete Kit)

  • I prefer an instant-read style thermometer with calibration, but any cooking thermometer will do.

Fine Mesh Strainer

  • Any strainer will do; I prefer stainless fine mesh.

Perforated Ladle or Skimmer Spoon (included in our Complete Kit)

Curd Knife

  • Any good long kitchen knife will do.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Drain Bags: Flour Sack Towels (included in All of our Kits)

  • Used for any cheese that requires hanging to drain.
  • Wash with bleach only; do not use detergent.
  • Cotton pillow cases with a thread count of 150 or less can be used as an alternative: simply cut the top half of the case off with pinking shears.

Dairy Towels

  • Any kitchen towels will do. It is important, however, that they only be used for cheese making. Again, bleach only.

Parchment Paper or Silpat

  • Good for working salt into cheese, making Mozzarella  Pinwheels, and checking cheese for readiness.

Microwave Safe Bowl (for Superfast Mozzarella)

  • No microwave, see our FAQs section.

Mesh Strainer or Sieve with Handle (included in our Complete Kit)