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120 Year old Active Sourdough Bread Starter

Our 120 year old celtic sourdough starter is meticulously nurtured through the traditional artisan process, resulting in a distinctive depth of flavor and irresistible tanginess reminiscent of true San Francisco sourdough.  Our starter is ready to use within days of regular feeding if the included instructions are followed.  Make classic artisan loaves, mini loaves, and sandwich loaves as well as, delicious discard focaccia, fluffy pancakes, english muffins and delectable pastries, the possibilities are endless.  Our starter is always fed with Organic, High Protein Flour (we only use King Arthur Organic Bread flour in our for sale starter). Please note, I often use other flours in my home baking depending on recipe, desired taste, texture and current market affordability.

Crafted through natural fermentation, it offers a host of health benefits, including improved digestion and the preservation of essential nutrients.  Never worry about another “daily chore”, our sourdough starter is aged and powerful enough to regularly go on vacation in your refrigerator when you are too busy to feed her. 

Each order includes 2 Tablespoons active starter, detailed instructions on how to feed and tend to your starter, along with Paula’s favorite, discard pizza crust.  The links for bread making, tips and step-by-step video as well as recommended support groups are located in our education section, under Sourdough. 

View details and directions in our Education section, here