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Reasons to Make Homemade Cheese

Why make your own cheese at home?

Homemade cheese contains the best ingredients, which you choose

Many commercial cheeses contain, preservatives, artificial colors or additives. Making cheese at home allows you to choose your own ingredients, how much cream to use and of course, what to infuse into your homemade cheese.  Infusing herbs, spices and fresh garden vegetables or fruit is simply not something we can source from our local store or fromagerie. Here at Standing Stones Farms, we feel strongly about using the freshest hand-packed, non-GMO ingredients, sourced in the USA (with a few exceptions from France and India). We use the same products used in artisan creameries around the world and strongly believe in only selling products of the highest standard.  We are here to help you find your path in this new journey.

Cheese making is a magical experience

Making your own cheese is a magical experience and home cheese production is a true art that enriches the soul and nourishes everyone it feeds. Are you ready to begin your journey through home cheese making? Start with one our easy “DIY” cheese kits.  Which kit is right for me?

Making cheese at home can be easy and more affordable than store-bought!

There are only a few basic techniques involved with cheese making, and they are the same no matter what kind of cheese you want to create. The only real difference between the many cheeses available is the process. Once you understand the basic technique, you can make anything, a simple spreadable European Cream Cheese to a wonderful creamy Camembert. Standing Stone Farms is here to help you begin your journey into our magical world of home cheese making.  

Home cheese making is affordable

Unlike many hobbies you will never need a lot of supplies or space to make cheese at home. A stainless steel, glass or enamel pot, a spoon, a basic thermometer, and a few cheese ingredients will begin your journey.  For more information on supplies, check out our cheese making Supply List for Beginning Cheesemakers.

Home cheese making is a wonderful family hobby and is very kid-friendly

Kids and adults alike, love to make and eat cheese! Cheese making is a great family activity, with many no-heat or low-heat recipes. Home cheese making is a unique way to teach history, science and culinary.  Try our Kids-kit.

Homemade cheese is the perfect gift

Homemade cheeses make great gifts for friends and family members, very few people dislike cheese. In fact, it is the largest food item stolen in the world! Receiving homemade, handcrafted cheese not only a unique gift but surely, it will make your recipient feel special. Try a few of our cheese and butter “Gift Ideas” in the recipe section.