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A Journey Through Cheese Making, Instructional cheese making Video/DVD - Two hour Instuctional Video

OUR DVD IS AVAILABLE TO STREAM on our YouTube channel, @Standingstonefarms. We have DISCONTINUED the physical product.


Paula Butler’s A Journey through Home Cheese Making Video is educational and fun! If you are unable to attend one of her workshops or just want a great step-by-step visual, then this is perfect for you!

A Journey through Home Cheese Making has Paula in her kitchen at Standing Stone Farms crafting cheese in a simple, classic manner geared for the home cheese maker. Paula uses her farm fresh goat milk to make classic French style chevre and fabulous Greek style feta. Also, store bought cow’s milk will become creamy ricotta or luscious 45-minute mozzarella using her “no fail” recipes. In addition, learn how to make butter and learn about cheese making ingredients, supplies, and some simple recipes for your wonderful homemade cheeses. Complete, detailed recipes are included via PDF, embedded on the DVD for your convenience.

This is a full two (2) hour video/DVD of one-on-one, step-by-step instructions of bringing milk to cheese and providing all the basic skills needed for a lifelong journey into home cheese making. Add one of our cheese kits and make cheese right along with Paula!

DVD Specifics:

  • A Journey Through Cheese Making featuring Paula Butler
  • Approximate run time 120 minutes
  • Cheese & Dairy products taught - Chevre, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Feta and Butter
  • Step by step instruction
  • Full recipes included via embedded PDF links
  • Uses farm fresh and store-bought milk
  • Covers basic skills, ingredients & equipment

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