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Bloomy Rind White Mold Culture Combo


Geotrichum Candidum: A white mold culture that shows a weak to medium proteolytic activity, weak lipolytic activity and average sensitivity to NaCl. It‘s used in association with Penicillium candidum. The culture typically forms a white, flat, yeast-like mycelium. It reduces bitterness and produces aromatic compounds such as methylcetones, alcohols and fatty free acids with excellent development of aroma and flavor. It also breaks down lactic acid resulting in an increase in the pH of the cheese and allows the development of ripening flora (for instance the corynebacteria). Its rapid growth prevents atypical molds from contaminating the cheese.  Used with Penicillin Candidum to help maintain your mold rind from slipping.


Penicillin Candidum: A white mold culture with very fast growth rate. It presents a weak proteolytic activity, medium lipolytic activity and strong antimucor activity. Cheeses produced with PC form a white to cream-colored mycelium with average density. It can be used for white mold cheese, soft cheese with blue-white mold. The culture is also suitable for cheese with high NaCl level and low pH values.  This mold makes that beautiful mold on our favorite bloomy rind cheese!

Simply pair these with Flora Danica, Rennet and Calcium Chloride and you are ready to make some amazing double and triple cream cheeses.


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