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by Paula Butler

Wondering which creamy cheeses you can easily make right at home? Here’s a peek at more than 10 different types of cheese, all of which you can make at home with the cheese making supplies from a Standing Stone Farms' cheese making kit.


This type of Italian cheese whey looks like a very fine curd cottage cheese and has a light flavor and slight sweetness. It’s often used in dishes to cut strong flavors and add creaminess. Ricotta can be enjoyed within hours of being made.


Mascarpone is the Italian version of French crème fraîche or American sour cream. It’s easily made by taking fresh cream and souring it with citric acid. The end result is slightly sweeter and less tangy than its French and American cousins.

Queso Blanco 

Popular in South American cuisine, this mild-flavored unaged cheese is creamy yet crumbly. Since queso blanco doesn’t melt well, it is perfect for being sliced and fried without losing its shape.

Queso Fresco 

Similar to queso blanco, this is a mildly flavored unaged cheese but it is made with rennet instead of acid. As a result, even though it is still distinctly crumbly, it melts when heated.


Chèvre is a French term for cheese made from goat’s milk. It has a distinctly creamy, earthy quality to it and is perfect to spread on a toasted baguette or an apple slice. It’s easy to make at home and can be enjoyed on the same day you make it.

Cream Cheese 

This tangy, spreadable American cheese is best known for being slathered on bagels and is the key ingredient in cheesecake. This fresh, unaged white cheese has a mild flavor and a hint of tanginess. It’s one of the easiest cheeses to make at home.


This slightly firm, creamy Italian cheese has a highly prized mild flavor that was originally produced from water buffalo milk. The distinctly stringy texture of mozzarella is due to a special process dubbed ‘pasta filata.’ Curds are heated until they become elastic and stringy, then are stretched, kneaded and shaped into smooth round balls.


Burrata, which translates literally as “buttered,” begins with a soft mozzarella shell or pocket that is filled with fresh cream and a soft, stringy curd. It’s a delight to cut into and feels indulgent without being too heavy.

Squeaky Cheddar Cheese Curds

A favorite with children, this young form of cheddar cheese gets its name from the distinct squeaking noise when biting into the fresh curds. Their flavor is mild and their texture is rubbery, almost springy, which make them not only yummy but fun to eat.


This crumbly Greek aged cheese has a slightly grainy texture and is made partly or wholly from cow's milk. It has a distinctly briny white curd that is both tangy and salty and is often sprinkled on salads and tucked into pastries. 

Monterey Jack

This American semi-hard cheese was first made in Monterey, California and sold commercially by a businessman named David Jack, hence its name. It’s a firm white cheese made from cow’s milk and it is commonly mixed with sunshine yellow Colby cheese to produce a marbled cheese known as Colby-Jack.

This is just the beginning of the different types of delicious cheeses you can make with the same basic selection of cheese making supplies - now let's get started!

Paula Butler


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