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by Paula Butler

Called the "Immortal Health Elixir” by the Chinese and brewed for thousands of years, kombucha is a bubbly beverage with truly tremendous benefits.

While we certainly appreciate cheese around here, it's no secret that eating cheese and dairy products in excess can cause imbalances in the gut. After 30 years of being an avid dairy lover and consumer, I turned into the cheese maker who couldn't eat cheese. Of course, that couldn't do, so I started looking for a remedy to help ease my insides and allow me to start enjoying cheese and dairy again.

The answer came in the form of kombucha - a fizzy, slightly tangy, fermented tea that's filled with natural probiotics.  

Even better, I could brew kombucha myself and have the refreshing, healthy drink around at all times. Now, I use it daily as my morning smoothie base, a refreshing, afternoon boost and even to make fermented veggies. 


What is kombucha?

While the final product may seem a little similar to a vinegar, kombucha starts out as a super sugary tea. It's then fermented thanks to what's known as a "scoby", which stands for "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast". 

The bacteria and yeast in the scoby work to eat the sugar in the tea and turn into a fermented beverage (there's a very low level of alcohol, usually less than 1%). It can be made with different teas and added ingredients, such as fruits or herbs, to produce a never-ending array of flavors.


Kombucha's health benefits 

One of kombucha's biggest health benefits comes from its high content of probiotics, the same "good-for-you" bacteria found in yogurt that help digestion an boost immunity. The tangy drink also contains B vitamins, antioxidants, and is relatively low in sugar and calories, especially compared to soft drinks or even flavored 'water'. 


Kombucha Starter Kit

Standing Stone Farms is first and foremost a home cheese making company, however after realizing the benefits of kombucha ourselves - and how easy it is to make at home - we wanted to share the secret with others and are now offering  our new Kombucha Home Brewing Kit.

The kit includes: 

  • a live scoby 
  • organic black tea
  • organic pure cane sugar
  • PH chart and Testers
  • jar covers
  • jar bands
  • directions and recipes

Everything you need to make kombucha at home except the jar and water!

Like with our popular cheesemaking kits, our Kombucha Home Brewing Kit is sent straight to your home and uses the best ingredients we can source, including organic whenever possible. 

If you've noticed a change in your digestion after eating cheese or simply want to boost your intake of probiotics, we'd love it,  if you give the kit a try and make kombucha at home. We'd also love to get your feedback and hear about your own recipes and concoctions that have worked well! Simply let us know in the comments below or drop us a line here.

Happy kombucha making!

    Paula Butler


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